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Meet Babadamilola

Hailing from Nigeria, Babadamilola is a Chicago-based wedding dress and formal wear designer who also specializes in the finest custom alterations and embroidery.

After high school, Baba went to college to study fashion design brefore moving here to the states with his family in 2005.

While fashion was always his passion, in order to provide for his family, he decided to pursue a career in nursing. However, fate would intervene, and the nursing class was full.

Baba decided to resume his fashion school studies while he waited for an opening in nursing school.

But as time passed, his true love for fashion rekindled, and in 2011 he finished his fashion schooling.

Since then, Baba has been working as a full-time fashion and bridal dress designer, and additionally offers fine custom alterations and embroidery to his Chicago area clientele.

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